Tri Delta

Phi Beta Chapter at The University of Arizona

Letter from the House Mother

Welcome Potential New Member,

I would like to welcome you to Tri Delta. I wanted to share just a bit about myself and my time as a House Mother. I have four children and three grandbabies. I have been a house Mother for almost 7 years. I have worked with four various Sororities and have truly found that Tri Delta has been one of the best. The young women who are involved in the sorority truly have found a place here to call home. This is something I appreciate as I enjoy the activities, friendships and hustle and bustle of the house. I enjoy baking cookies and making stove top popcorn late at night when everyone is watching movies or need that chocolate fix. I always have my door open if you need to chat or just watch what I have on TV. I also do a lot of crafts and Photography. Remember while you are in college, you are not alone, you will always find friends to call family here.


Sharon Thompson (Momma Sharon)

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