Tri Delta

Phi Beta Chapter at The University of Arizona


Required GPA to…​

Become a member: 3.0 High School, 2.8 College

Hold any officer position: 2.75

Study Programs​

All new members (and members who earned below a 3.0 during the previous semester) are required to complete 20 proctored study hours at the chapter house each month. This gives women the space and opportunity to achieve academic success while getting to know their sisters.

Members who earn a GPA below fraternity bylaws during the previous semester must complete an intensive study program called the Trident Scholar Program. This program gives women individualized attention so they can continue to improve in their academic pursuits. 

At the end of each semester on Dead Day, we have a marathon day of studying. The entire day is dedicated to studying for finals, but we make it fun with great food, raffles, and entertaining study breaks!

Each week, we celebrate one woman who is crowned “Geek of the Week”! Women display their great test and paper grades on a bulletin board in our dining room and every Monday, one name is randomly selected from the board and given a prize during our weekly chapter meeting. ​

Mentorship Program​

We have a comprehensive mentor program that all first-year Deltas are required to complete. Active member peer mentors volunteer to assist new members with similar majors.

Peer mentors are made up of Phi Beta’s Academic Committee, a group of chapter leaders who all achieved a 3.5 GPA or above last semester.

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